The Association of Communication Users (Asociación de Usuarios de la Comunicación – AUC) is a non profit and independent organization, whose main aim is to defend the interests of citizens as users of the mass media, receivers of the messages disseminated by them and possible “targets” of their content.

The AUC’s importance during the past few years shows the growing importance of communication in everyday life, thanks to both its technological advances and the risks involved in the abuse of these developments.

Its activities have focussed on the following objectives:

  • To watch over respect for fundamental and derived rights recognized by the Spanish Constitution.
  • The right to receive true information.
  • The right to honour and privacy.
  • The right to non-discrimination on grounds of sex, age or belief.
  • Protection of children and young people.
  • The right of organized consumers to take part in public decision-making.
  • To denounce any possible breaches of the laws within the field of communication: advertising, television, Internet, telecommunications, etc.
  • To carry out activities in the field of education, in raising social awareness and in creating public opinion (the training of teachers, cross subjects to taking part in all types of meetings and conferences, etc.).
  • To prepare reports and research on the trends in the content of television, advertising, information’s society and other media.
  • To take part in all consultative or arbitration bodies created by the EU Authorities and Spanish Autorities, both at central government level and in the Autonomous Regional Communities.
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